TSA 846a – 6.2 Channel Active Surround System

Audio Solution for medium to large room. These 6 Satellites + 2 Sub-Woofer + 1 Pre Amp + 2 Amplifier designed for advance performance and long play. This stereo surround system delivers an excellent frequency response, has loads of features and easy to operate. Ideal for restaurants, gyms, party rooms and all business environments.


TSA 846a Big


6 nos Satellites
These satellites deliver vibrant high notes with warm, rich and precision clarity. The Satellite is direct radiating wide angle dispersion in design. Each speaker consists of One 5.25” metallic coated mid-bass speakers and One 1” silk dome neo tweeter. Dimensions – 7 ¼”H x 9 ½”W x 6 ½”D.

2 no HD Subwoofer
These isobaric design subwoofers reproduce powerful deep bass notes. Each subwoofer consists of Four 6.5”semi-pressed acoustic coated woofers. Dimensions: 15”H x 7 ¾”W x 19”D.

1 no Pre Amplifier
Our Pre 8400 reproduces High Fidelity Audio. We have used only high quality parts, carefully selected and tested. Features are USB, FM, SD CARD, AUX, IPOD and DVD Input with 1 Stereo Output, 2 Karaoke Mic Input with Control, Treble, Bass and Balance Control with an EXT. Button for Enhanced Low – high Frequencies at Low Levels. Easy to use Features. Dimension: 2.5”H x 17 ½”W x 9 ½”D.

2 no High Power Amplifier
Our POW 8400 is a 400W RMS (200 x 2) Amplifier. This Powerful Mosfet power amplifier reproduces High Fidelity Audio with premium sound and is designed to be used for long hours. You can select Hi Pass – By Pass – Low Pass Active filter per channel as per your application and enjoy advance performance. We have used very high quality parts, carefully selected and tested. Dimension: 4”H x 17 ½”W x 13 ½”D.