TS 4x Car Speaker – 4.1 channel

Our TS 4x car speaker system is unique in design. This compact model is 3 way in design and produces high definition sound all around. The tweeters and cubes deliver amazing clarity and separation. The 4 channel sub woofer delivers a powerful deep bass. This model comprises of 2 nos. tweeters, 2 nos. cubes and 1 no. small sub woofer. You can directly connect this speaker to any car system / head unit. You can also enhance the performance by connecting the sub woofer to an amplifier. These small wonders outperform much larger speakers.

2 nos Neo Tweeters
The neo tweeters are compact and deliver high fidelity audio. They are small and can be placed directly on the front dash board. Each consists of One 1”silk dome neo tweeter.

2 nos Single Cubes
The single cubes are compact and deliver a full range of high fidelity audio. They are two way in design and can be placed behind the back seat left & right. Each cube consists of One 3”full range speakers and One 1”neo super tweeter.  Dimensions: 3 ½”H x 3 ½”W x 4 ½”D”.

1 no Compact Sub woofer
The isobaric design sub woofer produces the lowest frequency with no audible distortion. The sub woofer consists of Four 5.25”semi-pressed acoustic coated woofers. Dimensions: 12”H x 6”W x 18”D.

Excellent compact design hides out of site.
Design for all small to medium size cars.

Common Specifications
4.1 channel – 3 way speaker system.
60 watts RMS x 4 channels.
960 watts total peak power output.
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms.
Sensitivity: 91 db. (1 Watt 2.83v) at 1M).
Frequency Response: 30Hz – 22 KHz.
Audio-grade MDF Wood – Weather Resistant.
Total Shipping Weight: