TA 812 – 2 Channel Stereo Integrated Amplifier

A Perfect Choice for a variety of installation options.
Our TA 812 is a 120W RMS (60 x 2) Amplifier. This amplifier reproduces High Fidelity Audio and can be used for long hours. We have used only high quality parts, carefully selected and tested. Features are USB, FM, SD CARD, AUX, IPOD and DVD Input with 1 Stereo Output, 1 Karaoke Mic Input with Control, 2 Speaker Zones A + B, Treble, Bass and Balance Control with an EXT. Button for Enhanced Low – high Frequencies at Low Levels. Easy to use Features. Dimension: 3”H x 17 ½”W x 11 ½”D. 

APPLICATION: Home Stereo – TV Audio – Computer – Office – Restaurants and all Business Environments


2 Channel 120W RMS (60W x 2).
Slim line construction – Toroid Transformer.
Short-Overload-Thermal protection.
Frequency response: 11Hz – 40 kHz.
Total Harmonic Distortion: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, Dvd @ <0.05% at rated power.
Channel Separation: >80db @ 1 kHz; >50db @ 20 kHz.
Operating Voltage 160-240V.
Total Shipping Weight: 7.2 kg.