Pro 600c – home entertainment speaker system

Our Pro 600c is a high power Speaker System, designed with the highest level of quality, delivers clean, natural and awesome power to any, movies or music sound tracks. The Pro 600c is a high performance 3 way speaker design which delivers an excellent frequency response from low to high all channels. The Tower Speakers deliver powerful rich, deep bass simultaneously for all fronts and surrounds. Compatible with all home theatre amplifiers (Dolby Digital – DTS).

Pro 600c Big


2 nos Pro 600 – Front Towers
Our finest Tower speakers are designed to deliver a clean and accurate reproduction with an awesome power. This model is a 3 way speaker system and manufactured with the highest level of quality. Each Tower consists of Two 6.5” semi-pressed acoustic coated woofers, One 5.25” metallic coated mid-bass speaker and One 1”silk dome neo tweeter. Dimensions: 35”H x 8 ¾”W x 11 ¾”D.

1 no Pro 400 – Centre
The Centre delivers natural-sounding dialogue and Vocals, brings everything you watch and listen to life. The centre consists of Two 4”coated mid-bass speakers and One 1” silk dome neo tweeter. Dimensions:  5”H x 14½”W x 5 ½”D.

2 nos Pro 400 – Surround Satellite
These are small Satellite yet they deliver and outstanding performance that you would experience from speakers twice its size. The Satellite is direct radiating wide angle dispersion in design. Each satellite consists of One 4” coated mid-bass speakers and One 1”silk dome neo tweeter. Dimension: 7 ½”H x 4 ½”W x 5”D

Excellent design and will Complement your décor.
Design for small to medium size rooms.

Speaker Placement

Common Specifications
5.1 Channel – 3 Way Speaker System.
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms.
Sensitivity: 91 db (1 Watt (2.83V) at 1M).
Compatible with Amplifiers from 10 to 200 Watts per Channel.
Frequency Response: 30Hz – 22 KHz.
Audio-grade MDF Wood – Weather Resistant.
Total Shipping Weight: 23 kg.