MS 100x

Our MS 100x is a 2 way wide angle High Performance ceiling speaker. This speaker delivers an excellent frequency response, designed for background music and speech reproduction in a wide range of application. Each speaker consists of One 4”coated mid-bass speaker and One 1”neo super tweeter. Depth: 2 ¼ “. External: 7”. Cut Out: 5 ¾ “.

MS 100x Big


This speaker can be used in residence or commercial establishments where good quality music and speech is required. The grill has a protective acoustic sheet to make the speaker moisture-proof and produce a balanced sound. This speaker is easy to install and compliments any decor.


2 Way Ceiling Speaker.
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms.
Sensitivity: 91 db. (1 Watt 2.83v) at 1M).
Power Capacity: 30 W.
Frequency Response: 70Hz – 22 KHz.
Total Shipping Weight: 1 kg.