Telome Audio designs and manufacture a wide range of high end audio speakers, integrated amplifiers and various audio products for your home – home theatre – audio systems – offices – conference rooms – training rooms – auditoriums – gyms – hotels – restaurants – cafeteria – education institutes – shopping malls – showrooms – background music and all business environments.

Good Sound requires good solution, this is the key to experience the magic of movies and music the way the artist intended. We stress on good quality and performance. Our solutions will bring you the best audio experience. Constantly we explore the frontier of new technology, improving relationship between sound and listener. Our large clientele have given us a very good knowledge of today’s audio – video requirements.

Our Stress on quality and service has won us long-lasting relations with our clients in India, Europe, South East Asia, UK and the USA.

Our Mission is to reproduce the musical sounds as closely as possible to that of the original performance. The high output handling capabilities are the hallmark of every Telome products resulting in a truly impressive performance with a high degree of realism in sound. In addition, we use high quality parts, latest assembly and quality control techniques to ensure the reliability and long life of our products.

Our Products are sturdily and meticulously crafted, easy to install and have a distinguished design which stands out by itself and is sure to complement any decor.

Telome Audio was founded in the year 1993 in Mumbai. Our Products are available at select retail outlets all over India and have reached most parts of the world through our esteemed clientele. Telome Audio is privately held and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Telome has its sales offices in Delhi and Goa……..